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Sun. Oct 9th 2-3 @ Brookfield (Skills Group A)
Sun. Oct.9th 3-4 @ Brookfield (Skills Group B)
Sun. Oct.9th 4-5 @ Brookfield (Skills Group C)
Mon. Oct.10th 6:30-7:30 @ RECC (A vs B)
Wed. Oct.12th 7:30-8:30 @ PCWC (B vs C)
Fri. Oct.14th 6-7 @ PCWC (A vs C)
Sat. Oct. 15th 11-12:30pm @ PCWC (Top 20 exhibition game vs Quad)
*Top team picked, remaining players move on.
Tues. Oct 18th 7-8pm @ PCWC (Intersquad)
Thurs. Oct.20th 6-7pm @ RECC (Intersquad)
Oct 4, 2022

Congratulations to the U18AA Team for 2022/2023 Season!

to the following players who have been selected to the U18AA team for the 2022/2023 season!
Your next ice times are:
1. Thursday Oct.6 2022 in Brookfield 8pm-9pm.
2. Exhibition game in Port Hood Friday Oct.7th at 8pm. Please be at the Port Hood rink for 7pm.
If your name is not on the list please attend the A level ice time Wednesday Oct.5 in Brookfield 8pm-9pm.
Kylee Alexander
Josie Cameron
Elizabeth MacEachern
Alexis Tulloch
Ella Fitt
Erica Dennis
Alyssa Lowther
Jessica Cameron
Chloe Garcia
Namara Clarke
Mya MacDonald
Brooke MacIntosh
Hailey Taylor
Reese Murray
Ballie Griffon
Lucia Mason
Sydney Keay
Madison Beson
Alexa Cameron
Oct 4, 2022

U15AA and U15A Teams Announced

Congratulations to the FHFHA U15AA and U15A teams for the 2022/2023 season!!


Lydia Mason

Eleanor Orritt

Mandy Flanagan

Sam Guitard

Allie Williams

Leah Higgins

Maddy Spence

Jaydin Sherman

Jessica Porter

Bailee Kontuk

Chloe Forbes

Sophie Otter

Katelyn Haynes

Molly Marchand

Grace Fisher

Ava Taylor

Mollie Cleary



Chelsea Boyle

Kayla Patriquin

Lily Handley

Hannah Jordan 

Reese Nicholson

Sarah MacKay

Ainslie Dunbar

Norah McPhee

Kathleen Willams-Henderson

Jaylen Spencer

Taylor Spencer

Hannah Gelinas

Ada Martin

Olivia Higgins

Hannah Thompson

Kai MacDougall

Sep 25, 2022

U18 Announcement

Please see below list of U18 players asked to attend Sunday's ice time (Sun. Sept.25th 12-1:30pm @ PCWC). All Saturday ice sessions are cancelled and we will post an update if we have to postpone Sunday as well.
Brooke Macintosh
Reese Murray
Alexa Cameron
Trinity Fancy
Hailey Taylor
Namara Clarke
Stella Henderson
Abella Purdy
Erica Dennis
Alexis Tulloch
Elizabeth MacEachern
Jessica Cameron
Josie Cameron
Vanessa Leblanc
Madison Beson
Lucia Mason
Kelsey Oakley
Baillie Griffon
Emillie Murdock
Meika Martin
Chloe Garcia
Mya MacDonald
Karlee Rose
Sydney Keay
Alyssa Lowther
Ella Fitt
Raylee Hendsbee
Sarah Chapman
Kylee Alexander
If your players name is not on the list, please stay tuned for additional ice sessions to be announced after this weekend.
Sep 22, 2022

U11 Conditioning Skate List and Schedule!!

U11 Conditioning Skate List and Schedule!!
Please see below list of players registered for the U11 conditioning skates. If your players name is not on the list and should be please contact vpregistrar.fhfha@gmail.com.
Addison MacDonald
Ashlyn MacKenzie
Avery Pugsley
Clara Walsh
Ella Weatherby
Emily Landry
Faith Mahar
Georgia Scott
Grace Pula
Isla Hood
Kate Anderson
Kendyl Roberts
Kyleigh Chisholm
Lila Mahar
Locklyn Robertson
Natalie Mason
Olivia Mackie
Olivia MacLaughlin
Piper Laundon
Regan Yuill
U11 Conditioning Skates:
Sat. Sept.24th 2-3pm @ Stadium
Sun. Sept.25th 3:30-4:30pm PCWC
Tues. Sept.27th 5:30-6:30pm @ RECC
Sat. Oct.1st 11-12:30pm @ PCWC
Sep 19, 2022


**We have divided the U13 tryouts into 3 groups. Please see schedule below.
**If your players name is not on the below lists and should be please email vpregistrar.fhfha@gmail.com.
Group A:
Emerson Hale
Addison Marshall
Ella Affleck
Noelle Budge
Madison D'entremont
Kenzie MacLennan
Jane McCurdy
Kathryn Poehl
Allie Bozin
Rory Boulton
Regan Lake
Lily Michaud
Isabella Chisholm
Addison MacLean
Claire Wyllie
Kaelin Sutherland
Group B:
Maria Bagnell
Lola Hickox
Clara White
Alanna Barreto
Callie Campbell
Alissia Duncan
Kaleigh Logan
Bree MacDonald
Abigail Oakley
Charley Roberts
Evyn Higgins
Cara Casey
Jade MacKeil
Evelyn Scott
Madison Haslam
Addison Prosper
Lilly Macisaac
Group C:
Ava Foote
Brooke MacDonald
Alexa Bowser
Nya Capstick
Ella Ferguson
Avyn MacDonald
Matlen Martin
Delani Pelley
Lauren Williams
Callie MacEachen
Kayla Hale
Evelyn MacLeod
Ali Bowser
Ronni Langille
Rachel Steeves
Kaidence Spears
U13 Tryout Schedule:
Sat. Sept.24th 6-7pm @ PCWC (Skills Group A)
Sat.Sept.24th 1:30-2:30pm @ PCWC (Skills Group B)
Sun. Sept.25th 2:30-3:30pm @ Colchester Legion Stadium (Skills Group C)
Wed. Sept.28th 7:30-8:30pm @ PCWC (Intersquad Groups A & B)
Thurs. Sept 29th 7:30-8:30pm @ Colchester Legion Stadium (Intersquad B & C)
Sat. Oct.1st 11:30-1pm @ PCWC (Intersquad Groups A & C)
Sun. Oct.2nd 2-3:30pm @ Colchester Legion Stadium (Top 20 exhibition game)
*Top level team picked, remaining players move on.
Wed. Oct.5th 7:30-8:30pm @ PCWC (Intersquad)
Sat. Oct.8th 11:30-1pm @ RECC
Sep 19, 2022