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Open Positions with Fundy Highland

Fundy Highland has several open positions within the association.

Please read the descriptions below and submit a letter of interest that outlines your qualifications and reason for interest to Sandi at secretary.fhfha@gmail.com by Sunday, December 4. 

We look forward to welcoming new members to our team!

1)      Vice President Operations  

The duties of the Vice President Operations include but are not limited to:  

Be a voting member of the Board of Directors 

Oversee duties of equipment manager, safety representative, ice coordinator

 Serve on committees as necessary 

2)      Safety Representative  

This position was established during the COVID-19 pandemic during the 2020-2021 season

The duties of the Safety Representative include:

To keep people informed about new and changing guidelines.  

3)      Registrar

The duties of the Registrar include but are not limited to: 

Organizing, supervising and controlling all registration procedures and will supply designated members of the Executive with master registration lists as soon as reasonably possible

Maintaining a record and work closely with the Vice President --Finance to ensure all funds are collected and accounted for 

    Inconjunction with the President and Vice President -- Finance, establishing a pro-rata refund of Association fees based upon individual circumstances for cases partial membership when the member cannot participate for a full season and wishes to withdraw as per association policy

Administering the applicable policies of the association


4)     Risk Management Coordinator

       The duties of the Risk Management Coordinator include but are not limited to:

Ensuring the members are properly insured

Providing advice to the Executive on actions required to mitigate the Associations’ risk

Managing team staff disciplinary activities 

     Leading investigations or review panels when required and advise the President onthe outcome and recommended action

     Distributing resource materials that will be used in the promotion of Risk and Safety Management in Hockey Nova Scotia program

Promoting the STOP and Respect in Sport Programs

Administering the applicable policies of the association

Administering and track coaching certification requirements, communicate certification opportunities,and advise team liaisons of those coaches and team staff who are not in compliance with certification requirements as determined by Hockey Nova Scotia

Recommending appropriate training courses for coaches where appropriate

Recommending first aid training and special courses (e.g. power skating) where appropriate

Performing other duties as assigned by the President 

5)      Website and Social Media Coordinator

      The duties of the Website Coordinator include but are not limited to:

     Ensuring the Association membership is aware of activities, opportunities, successes and relevant issues by effectively using the association website, email communication and other appropriate public media such as Facebook and Instagram

Administer the applicable policies of the association


6)     Development Coordinator

The Development Coordinator is responsible for the management ofthe Association's development program and is the principal contact person within the Association for allskill development activities.  More specifically, the Development Coordinator’s duties include but are not limited to:

     Liaising with Hockey Nova Scotia's Development personnel and the Association'shockey development volunteers

     Outlining the budgetary requirements for the overall development program and provide the leadership within the Association to achieve the program objectives

Performing activities during the FHFHA tryout process and development programs

 Administering the applicable policies of the association 

 Performing other duties as assigned by the President 

7)      Coach Coordinator

       The duties of the Coach Coordinator include but are not limited to:

Defining and managing the Coach Interview process

Overseeing Coach Selection committee

Organizing and hold annual Coaches and Managers Meeting

Organizing and oversee the tryout process

Administering the applicable policies of the association

Performing other duties as assigned by the President

Nov 25, 2022

Rafflebox 50/50 Draw

Fundy Highland Female Hockey is pleased to announce we are now live with our monthly 50/50 draw!
Each member of the association was sent an email with a link to share with friends and family.
Anytime a 50/50 ticket is purchased in the name of a member, 25 cents of every dollar of sales will accrue to the member. At the end of the year, the association will total up the sales and pay out the portion due to each member. Please reach out to Brady if you have any questions: vpfinance.fhdha@gmail.com
The cut off for the first draw is December 14, with the draw taking place on December 15!
Nov 17, 2022

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